Message from EGAT Governor


"48 Years of Expertise Towards Innovative Organization"

Since the establishment on May 1, 1969 as a state-owned enterprise, EGAT has been responsible for the country’s power system which covers the development of international-standard generation system and nationwide transmission network. This contributes to the good quality of Thai people’s lives as they can access sufficient electric power with reasonable price, which further supports economic and social growth of the country. We have also developed ASEAN power grid to strengthen the security of regional power system and are part of the global player to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions released from the electricity generation process.

At present, power system development does not only focus on clean and efficient technology, but also the increase of renewable energy use. However, as renewable power is still intermittent when it is added to the system, EGAT needs to develop and apply new technologies as well as connecting the scattered power sources. The information technology, as called “Smart Grid” is used to efficiently manage and control power generation, transmission, and distribution. EGAT has implemented a prototype in Mae Hong Son Province to connect hydropower and solar power generation sources with the distribution system. At the same time, to enhance the stability of renewable power use, we plan and develop the hybrid renewable energy. Moreover, we have conducted the research to develop various types of power storage to enhance the efficiency. With the innovations applied in the power system, EGAT has supported the Energy 4.0 policy of the Ministry of Energy, which is in compliance with the global energy development trend.

For 48 years, the expertise of our personnel has been developed together with the new technologies and renewable energy projects which EGAT had implemented and studied for decades such as the wind power project in Phuket Province, solar power projects in Sirindhorn Dam and Srinagarind Dam, and the geothermal power project in Chiang Mai Province. All the projects aim to enhance the efficient use of power and stability of power system, while people can reach high quality of electricity supply, with the least impact on environment. EGAT will step forward to become a global leader in energy business that is responsible for environment and society in parallel with renewable energy development and power conservation. EGAT is flexible for changes and will step ahead for the sustainable future of all Thais.



       Kornrasit Pakchotanon



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