Mae Moh Power Plant


Mae Moh power plant is located in Mae Moh sub-district, Mae Moh district, Lampang province.

Total Generating Capacity: 2,400 MW

Fuel: Lignite

Project Development
In 1953, an abundant lignite resource was found at Mae Moh basin. That contributed to the project to construct Mae Moh lignite power plant. At first, two 75 MW generators were installed, but as the electricity demand has grown, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has installed more generating units. Mae Moh power plant consists of 13 generators with the total generating capacity of 2,625 MW that can totally provide an average annual energy output of 15,450 million kWh. However, the generating units 1 and 2 were retired on March 1, 2000, while the unit 3 was taken out of service on September 13, 1999. As a result, the current total generating capacity of Mae Moh power plant is 2,400 MW.

Operation Year


Installed Capacity 


     Operation Year


   3 x 75   MW


1978-1981 (retired)


   4 x 150 MW




   6 x 300 MW