South Bangkok Power Plant


South Bangkok Power Plant is located in Bang Prong sub-district, Mueang district, Samut Prakan province, covering an area of 216 rais.

Fuel: Natural gas

Total Generating Capacity: 1,690.6 MW

Project Development and Operation year
The South Bangkok project was originally a thermal power plant fueled with fuel oil. Later when natural gas was discovered in the Gulf of Thailand, the modifications were made for the power plant to be combined cycle using natural gas instead of fuel oil. Nowadays South Bangkok power plant consists of 3 combined cycle generating blocks.

                                     Capacity (MW)      Operation Year
Block 1 Gas turbine       2 x 100                          1994
              Steam turbine   1 x 100
Block 2 Gas turbine       2 x 202                          2007
              Steam turbine   1 x 219
Block 3 Gas turbine       2 x 246                          2008
              Steam turbine   1 x 275.6 

Date of Inauguration: November 6, 1972