Nam Phong Power Plant


Nam Phong power plant is located in Khon Kaen province, 18 kilometers away from Ubol Ratana Dam, 5 kilometers away from Nam Phong substation, and 3 kilometers away from Nam Phong natural gas resource, covering an area of 631 rais.

Total Generating Capacity: 710 MW

Fuel: Natural gas

Project Development
As natural gas was discovered in Nam Phong district, Nam Phong power plant is the biggest power plant in the northeastern provinces and the only power plant in the region that uses natural gas as the fuel. The power plant is comprised of 2 generating blocks with the total capacity of 710 MW. Each block is comprised of two 121 MW gas turbines and a 113 MW steam turbine.

Operation Year
Block 1 Gas turbines      1990
              Steam turbine    1992
Block 2 Gas turbines      1993
              Steam turbine    1994

Date of Inauguration: xxx