Wang Noi Power Plant


Wang Noi power plant is located in Wang Chula sub-district, Wang Noi district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province, covering the area of 700 rais.

Total Generating Capacity: 2,027.11 MW

Fuel: Natural gas, diesel

Project Development and Operation Year
Wang Noi power plant is a combined cycle power plant using natural gas from the Gulf of Thailand and Myanmar as the main fuel, and it is sometimes supplemented by diesel. It is comprised of 3 generating blocks with the total capacity of 2,027.11 MW providing an average annual energy output of 14,233 million kWh.

                                             Capacity (MW)        Operation Year
Block 1 & 2 Gas turbine      4 x 223.37                         1997
                     Steam turbine  2 x 205.44
Block 3        Gas turbine      2 x 232.98                         1998
                     Steam turbine  1 x 256.79

Date of Inauguration: August 7, 1998