Lam Ta Khong Hydropower Plant


Lam Ta Khong power plant is located between Sikhio district and Pak Chong district, in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Total Generating Capacity: 1,000 MW

Project Development
     Dam feature
     Type                                                  Rockfill dam 
     Height                                               50 meters
     Crest Length                                   2,170 meters
     Reservoir’s storage capacity     10.3 million cubic meters
     Maximum reservoir water level  +660 meters (MSL)

Lam Ta Khong pumped storage hydropower plant is situated 350 meters underground. The project was divided into 2 phases.

- Phase 1
There was an installation of two pumped storage generating units, and each has the generating capacity of 250 MW.
- Phase 2
Two more pumped storage generating units were installed, and each has the generating capacity of 250 MW.