Bhumibol Dam


Bhumibol dam, originally known as Yanhee, is located at Khao Kaeo in Sam Ngao district, Tak province.

Dam Features

Crest elevation
Crest Length
Crest width
Maximum width (at base)
Reservoir’s storage capacity

concrete arch gravity
154 meters
+ 261 meters(MSL)
486 meters
6 meters
52.2 meters
13,462 million cubic meters

Power Plant
The hydroelectric plant situated at the dam base presently has a total installed capacity of 743.8 MW from its seven conventional hydropower generating units (Units 1 – 6 of 76.3 MW each and Unit 7 of 115 MW) and one reversible pump turbine unit. Bhumibol Unit 8 has double-fold functions, serving as a water pump during the off-peak hours to recapture water from the lower reservoir and pump it back up to the upper reservoir; and also operating as a generator to produce electricity during peak periods.

Operation Year
Units 1-2:  1964
Units 3-6:  1967, 1967, 1968 and 1969
Unit 7:      1982
Unit 8:      1996

Date of Inauguration: May 17, 1964