Ubol Ratana Dam


Ubol Ratana dam, formerly known as Nam Phong dam, is located in Khuen Ubol Ratana sub-district, Ubol Ratana district, Khon Kaen province.

Dam Features

Crest elevation
Crest Length
Crest width
Maximum width (at base)
Reservoir’s catchment area
Reservoir’s storage capacity

Rockfill dam with clay core
32 meters
+ 188.10 meters(MSL)
885 meters
6 meters
125 meters
12,104 square kilometers
2,263 million cubic meters

Power Plant
A 25.2 MW power plant is situated at the left toe of the dam. It houses three sets of vertical shaft Kaplan turbine, each of 8.75 MW capacity and three sets of generators of 8.4 MW capacity each.

Operation Year: 1966
Date of Inauguration: March 14, 1966