Srinagarind Dam


Srinagarind dam was built across the Kwai Yai River at an area known as Ban Chao Nen in Tha Kra Dan sub-district, Si Sawat district, Kanchanaburi province.

Dam Features

Crest Length
Crest width
Reservoir’s catchment area
Reservoir’s storage capacity

Rockfill dam with clay core
140 meters
610 meters
15 meters
419 square kilometers
17,745 million cubic meters

Power Plant
The power plant that is a reinforced concrete building houses 5 generating units. For units 1-3, each has the generating capacity of 120 MW, while units 4-5 are pumped storage generators, each of which has the generating capacity of 180 MW. The total generating capacity of these 5 generating units is 720 MW.

Operation Year: 1980
Date of Inauguration: June 15, 1981