Nam Pung Dam

Nam Pung dam is located on the Pung River in an area of Kham Pherm Waterfall in Kud Bak district, about 31 kilometers southwest of Sakon Nakhon province.

Dam Features

Crest elevation
Crest Length
Crest width
Reservoir’s area
Reservoir’s storage capacity

Rockfill dam with clay core
41 meters
+ 286.5 meters(MSL)
1,720 meters
10 meters
21 square kilometers
165 million cubic meters

Power Plant
The power house is a reinforced concrete building covering the area of 670 square meters. It houses two 3 MW generators, totaling 6 MW of generating capacity. The Power Plant is connected with the national grid system via Ubonratana switchyard at Maha Sarakham substation.

Operation Year: 1965
Date of Inauguration: November 4, 1965