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          On September 3, 2018 Department of Industrial Works (DIW) cooperated with Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to upgrade boilers by using digital technology. They have targeted to upgrade 337 boilers in power plants with the expectation to reduce the cost and save energy around 1,000 million baht a year.

          Mr. Mongkol Pruekwatana, Director General of DIW said that DIW and EGAT would like to upgrade the safety, efficiency, environmental friendliness of the boilers as a way to develop smart boilers. The digital technology and innovation have been integrated by the 2 organizations under 5 cooperation frameworks: academic support; human resources development; boiler safety; efficiency improvement, energy conservation, and environmental management; and research and innovation towards smart boilers. The cooperation aims to upgrade 337 boilers in the power plants, resulting to safety, cost reduction, and energy saving around 1,000 million baht a year.

          The development of smart boilers together with safety and maintenance improvement is a project implemented by DIW to support Thailand 4.0 and Industry 4.0 policies. It is financially supported by energy conservation fund to increase efficient energy use in industrial sector. Particularly in thermal power, the project enhances plant operators to use boilers more efficiently and safely. The target groups are medium and small plants, food industry, very small power plants fueled by biomass. At present, according to statistic of DIW, there are around 7,000 plants using a total of 15,000 boilers.

          Mr. Nikul Silasuwan, EGAT Deputy Governor – Generation, said that EGAT owns knowledge and database on design, operation, maintenance, boiler life expectancy assessment, smart boiler development with technology and digital system, as well as skilled and experienced staff. The cooperation with DIW leads to the integration of academic and human resources development, energy efficiency support, safety, and environmental management that will drive Thailand towards Thailand 4.0.