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          EGAT offices throughout the country held National Children’s Day 2016 events, which were interested by nearby neighborhood. The events were joyful and brought happiness to the youth; by combining entertainment with activities for learning, creative thinking and assertiveness.


          On January 9, 2016, Mr. Saharath Boonpotipukde, Deputy Governor – Corporate Social Affairs, chaired the opening ceremony of National Children’s day. At EGAT Head Office, the event was held under “Super Hero” theme. Super heroes who were symbolized as the protectors of power and environment encouraged children to be good people and follow the elders. With cheerful and enjoyable activities, there were about 3,000 people joining the event at Kamthon Sindhvanand Sports Center, EGAT Head Office.


          The Deputy Governor said that on the Children’s Day in this year, EGAT focused on the important role of the youth, because they would become the mainstay of the society and take responsibilities to develop the nation. He believed that all activities would warm their hearts and give them goodwill. Thereby, these would make the children realize their role for their family, community and society.

          “The Children’s Day motto in this year is “Good behavior, diligence and eagerness toward a bright future.” as it is the 2016 National Children’s Day, I wish all children and youths, who are country’s valuable resources to be diligent and always practice your skill as well as joining useful activities to gain experiences. These experiences will help us live happily and advance our beloved country.” said the Deputy Governor.


          Mr. Tatree Riewcharoen, Assistant Governor - Corporate Social Affairs, said the objective of the events were cooperated between EGAT’s provincial offices and officers for children’s happiness, by using fun activities to build their knowledge, logic and self-confidence. There was San Fran Bus that took people to visit North Bangkok Power Plant, which was friendly to community and environment. Besides generating electricity for country’s happiness, EGAT also brought Super Hero who would take care the power and environment for children’s happiness.


          “There are many activities in EGAT National Children’s Day such as painting, singing contest, radio controller toy, balloon dart board, outdoor activities in front of the sports center, activities from EGAT Saving and Credit Union Limited, free dental check-up by Mobile Health Unit and EGAT North Bangkok Power Plant open house as well as stage entertainment, reward giving, and food and drink for free. EGAT has held the event every year at the head office and provincial offices. There are about 3,000 children who live nearby EGAT head office joining the event.” said the Assistant Governor.

          EGAT Provincial offices such as Krabi Power Plant, Chana Power Plant, Bhumibol Dam, Srinagarind Dam, Bang Pakong Power Plant and Mae Moh Power Plant also held the events. Each event attracted many families. EGAT also included activities teaching about power generation system along with social responsibility.