EGAT Environment Day 2018 was organized under the theme “Let’s go Eco together” in which EGAT commits to environmentally friendly operations in compliance with the concept of eco-industry for sustainable development and conducted a campaign on reduction of energy and plastic use which is the global trend.

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          On June 5, 2018 Mr. Viboon Rerksirathai, the Governor of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) chaired the opening ceremony of EGAT Environment Day 2018 under the theme “Let’s go Eco together.” The Governor said that EGAT’s environmental policy is to develop environmental innovation and integrate eco-industry concept to develop electricity generation process that is friendly to the environment, starting from the feasibility study process to waste treatment and recycling process. Moreover, EGAT is determined to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reach the target of Thailand’s greenhouse gas reduction and raises awareness on environment and energy conservation.

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          In the event, there was a campaign on plastic waste reduction under the activities: EGAT zero waste, Bike Rally, and inventing bags from used vinyl boards to disseminate knowledge and raise awareness on the environmental conservation among EGAT officials and general public.

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          “EGAT is determined to develop electrical power with the concern on natural resources and environment. Most importantly, all EGAT executives and officials must have care and responsibility for society both in the electricity generation process and routine working process to drive the organization to be the leader of energy and environment conservation,” said the Governor.

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