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          EGAT held a meeting with related government and private organizations on the gas supply disruption of Malaysian-Thai Joint Development Area (JDA-A18) from July 28 to August 1, 2018. Meanwhile, the cooperation from Thai people to save power is called for during the gas supply cut to strengthen the system security.

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          Mr. Junyong Wongjunpong, EGAT Assistant Governor – System Control said that PTT Public Company Limited informed the shutdown of JDA-A18 during July 28 – August 1, 2018, totaling 5 days due to an annual maintenance, which makes Chana Power Plant Blocks 1 and 2 not be able to operate. EGAT then held a meeting to get prepared for the situation with PTT Public Company Limited, Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO), and other related government and private organizations at Conference Room 201, EGAT Headquarters, Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi Province.

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          EGAT Assistant Governor further said that there will be a loss of 440 million cubic feet of natural gas from the system, and the main power plant in the southern provinces: Chana Power Plant Blocks 1 and 2 with a total of 1,345 MW capacity will not be able to operate. During this time, diesel oil will replace natural gas, and 6.1 million liters of diesel and 6 million liters of oil will be used. EGAT has inspected all essential equipment of the power plant and transmission line, and there will be no maintenance during the gas supply cut period. In case of emergency, EGAT will import power from Malaysia through High Voltage Direct Current Transmission System: HVDC and High Voltage Alternating Current Transmission System: HVAC, while Surat Thani Power Plant will operate as emergency standby.

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          “We coordinate with related sectors to monitor the situation and have emergency plan to solve the unexpected problem. The highest power demand in the region during the gas supply disruption is expected at 2,550 MW, while the power capacity in the region is 2,936 MW, which will be supported by 650 MW power supply from the central region through the tie line. EGAT ensures that during the 5 days, there will be sufficient power supply for the public,” said the Assistant Governor.