EGAT Governor witnessed the handover ceremony of EGAT’s Chana Learning Center from Power Plant Development Corporate Line to Generation Corporate Line. The center was expected to be the source of knowledge on power and culture of Songkhla and other southern provinces. The center was equipped with modern technology with the concept “Play and Learn”. It would open to students and general public after the opening ceremony of Chana Power Plant in this November.


       Mr. Soonchai Kumnoonsate, EGAT Governor, witnessed the ceremony with Mr. Wiwat Chancherngpanich, Assistant Governor – Power Plant Construction, being the representative handing over the center to Mr. Pol Kongsue, Assistant Governor – Generation 3. The event was held at the learning center, Chana Power Plant, Songkhla Province. Many EGAT employees and media also joined the event on September 24, 2015.


          The Governor said that EGAT wanted the Chana Learning Center to be the knowledge source on power because in the future the power problem would be the serious issue. If people knew where the power came from, they would realize its value, contributing to the power saving concern. They would also know the origin of electricity in Thailand through the modern and various ways of presentation. There would be the display of local products at the center as well. This was the good cooperation between Chana Power Plant and the community.

          With some misunderstanding on power among the public, the center would be helpful in providing facts. The power knowledge together with environmental protection was important which would bring the understanding and smoothly enhance project development. EGAT planned to create this kind of center across the country which would be beneficial for every people.


      For the design concept, Mrs. Ruengvarayudh Pradistassanee, Director of Design and Construction Management Division revealed that EGAT wanted to make the center interesting with the concept play and learn: learning from playing. There were 7 zones in the center. The information would not be crammed, but it would stir the curiosity of the youth and attract them to visit here and bring the knowledge back. For the internal and external design of the building, the standing points of Songkhla Province especially in Chana District such as textiles, shadow puppet, zebra dove, and local boat were applied to make the building suit the culture of southern provinces.



          Mr. Suntorn Punmake, Director of Chana Power Plant said that the learning center would help enhance opportunity, potential, and ability of public communication in the southern Thailand. The center would give both of knowledge and entertainment, enhancing the learning skill. All students, general public, as well as EGAT employees were welcomed. The center was also an essential source of knowledge on power of the southern Thailand and would open for the public after the opening ceremony of Chana Power Plant by Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn on November 9, 2015.