EGAT anticipates that the electricity consumption will increase in this summer due to the rising temperature. The peak demand of EGAT system is expected to be at 29,000 MW, around 2% higher than the last year. EGAT therefore prepares measures to make its system highly secure and requests all sectors for cooperation in reducing electricity consumption.


         Mr. Roengchai Khongthong, EGAT Deputy Governor - Transmission System reveals that the electricity demand is forecasted to increase in relation to the high temperature.It is expected that the peak demand of EGAT system will reach 29,000 MW during this late April and early May, 2019, which is 2% higher than the year 2018. Especially, the electricity demand in Bangkok and its metropolitan will rise to around 10,500 MW.


         For the preparation on the power generation system, EGAT will conduct the maintenance only as necessary for the power plants of EGAT, IPPs and SPPs; and requires the generators for avoiding inessential unplanned maintenance in order the maintain the system stability throughout the hot season, especially from March to May when the high demand occurs. Around 30% of reserved margin will be available for the supplying power in case of emergency. EGAT has also collaborated with PTT Public Co., Ltd., to increase the capability in supplying natural gas adequately for the growing electricity generation. In addition, EGAT’s transmission system is ready for full operation, while the maintenance of significant substations and equipment on transmission lines will be suspended to avoid interruption of electricity transmission system during this period.

         “Please be sure that EGAT will manage the electricity generation and transmission system to meet the electricity demand of the country. Also, we would like to request all sectors for cooperation in reducing electricity consumption to make the electricity demand in the system not too high.” EGAT Deputy Governor - Transmission System finally concluded.