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          EGAT prepares all measures to maintain power system security in the southern provinces during the period Tropical Storm Pabuk will hit Thailand. Power plants, transmission system, reserved fuel, and 24-hour monitoring special team are all ready to handle the situation.

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          Mr. Roengchai Khongthong, EGAT Deputy Governor – Transmission System said that regarding the warning by Meteorological Department to people living in the southern Thailand to watch out the heavy rainfalls because of Tropical Storm Pabuk that will move past Thailand on January 3-5, 2019, EGAT prepares all measures to maintain the power system security of the southern provinces. As the natural gas producer needs to reduce the supply in the Gulf of Thailand, EGAT is ready to operate the fuel oil power plant in replacement of the power plants relying on the natural gas from the western part, while the power import from Laos will be increased. At the same time, EGAT specially keeps an eye on the transmission system connected between central and southern parts, and the oil has been reserved in case that the natural gas supply is reduced or cut. Moreover, if necessary more power will be imported from Malaysia.

          “EGAT has coordinated with related sectors to smoothly supply the power to the southern people as usual. Meanwhile, EGAT works with the Energy Minister’s emergency monitoring center and prepares the special team to help people that might be affected by the Tropical Storm Pabuk,” said the Deputy Governor.