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          EGAT joined ASEAN Power Week 2015 which was comprised of three big events namely POWER-GEN Asia 2015, Renewable Energy World Asia 2015, and POWER-GEN Asia Financial Forum 2015. EGAT Governor was one of the keynote speakers talking on Sustainable Development for Tomorrow.


          On September 1, 2015, Mr.Soonchai Kumnoonsate, EGAT Governor was a keynote speaker together with Dr. Kurujit Nakornthap, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Energy and Dr. Piyasvasti Amaranand, Chairman of PTT Public Company Limited at the opening ceremony of ASEAN Power Week 2015. Mr. Nigel Blackaby, Director of Conference from PennWell Corporation introduced the event which was comprised of POWER-GEN Asia 2015, Renewable Energy World Asia 2015, and POWER-GEN Asia Financial Forum 2015. It was the floor for executives, engineers, business-persons, and investors to share information, opinion, and experience on the development and challenge the power industry was facing. The event was held at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani.


          EGAT Governor was the keynote speaker talking on “Sustainable Development for Tomorrow”. He said that despite the energy efficiency effect, world energy demand would still grow rapidly. The growth rates of Southeast Asia had been and were forecasted to remain strong. Although the world focused more on low carbon sources of energy such as renewable which was supported by subsidies, fossil fuels remained dominant in the global energy mix. Due to the recent rebound of US oil and gas production, shale gas had become important impact to world market oil prices to become lower.

          EGAT Governor further said that the trend of power markets was integrating regionally but expansion of transmission and cross border interconnections were needed. Main bottleneck was the long average duration of approval and financing. ASEAN Power Grid would be a great opportunity to create synergy among ASEAN in order to drive healthy competition and sustainability of ASEAN.

          “In order to achieve a sustainable development for tomorrow, we have to balance the energy trilemma - Energy Security, Energy Equity, and Environmental Sustainability. We know that Renewable is Green but Renewable needs flexible back up. Wind power is also difficult to predict. This is why renewable is less annual energy generation than conventional one”, said the Governor


          After the opening ceremony, EGAT Governor and Permanent Secretary of Energy Ministry went to open EGAT exhibition booth which was held under the theme “Growing Together Towards a Sustainable Future”. The booth was designed with the coffee shop atmosphere which was ready to welcome all visitors to share opinion and have business negotiation. The information displayed in the booth covered the topics of power development, power plant construction, fuel management, transmission system, EGAT business, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

          ASEAN Power Week was held on September 1-3, 2015. The activities in the event included technical site visit, 70 conferences, and exhibitions by 200 companies. There were more than 7,500 people joining the event.