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          Together with other public and private organizations, EGAT joins water saving project held by Thai Chamber of Commerce and Thai PBS. The reduction of water consumption by 30% is targeted for the sufficient amount of water throughout the dry season. The project aims to raise awareness among the public of water shortage and promote behavioral change in water consumption. Lessons learned from water management and sustainable solutions are also parts of the project purpose.


          Mr. Thanarat Bhummakasikara, Assistant Governor – Hydro Power Plant, and Mrs. Yuwadee Thongsuwan, Director of Corporate Communications Division were EGAT representatives to participate in press conference of water saving project on February 24, 2016 at Bancherd Cholvijarn Building, Thai Chamber of Commerce. There was also a live broadcast via the website www.webtvthaipbs.com and news programs.


          The Assistant Governor explained that EGAT cooperated with Royal Irrigation Department to release water from dams following resolution of Sub-committee on Water Situation Analysis. EGAT made local people living around the dams: upstream, midstream, and downstream to understand water situation in the large dams like Bhumibol Dam with the water budget (on February 23, 2016) of 800 million cubic meters (m3) and Sirikit Dam with 1,500 million m3. The two mentioned dams which daily released water of 15 million m3 altogether had a total water budget of 2,300 million m3. EGAT was still able to release the water with the usual amount. The communities living downstream were requested to save the water as the water budget of each dam was limited especially Ubol Ratana Dam with 74 million m3 that daily released the water of 0.5 million m3. Such amount would meet the demand until this coming April.


          The Assistant Governor added that water management in the long term should also be considered to efficiently handle the drought crisis in the future. EGAT always helped the communities around the dams including Srinagarind Dam, Vajiralongkorn Dam, and Nam Pung Dam during the drought crisis by giving them the water for consumption. Moreover, EGAT implemented a campaign to promote water saving among employees by using 3 main saving methods as called 3R: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

          The water saving project has been implemented because Thailand is facing the drought crisis of which alarm has been raised since last year. Water demand during the dry season is higher than the water budget, which contributes to the impact on rural and city areas. The water shortage tends to be getting worse. Thai PBS, Thai Chamber of Commerce, and public and private organizations, as a result, have implemented the project.