EGAT Mae Moh opened a center to support the firefighting operation in Lampang Province and sent a team of volunteers, equipment, and necessary items to help put out fires and reduce smog and dust in Lampang Province. Dust control is also strictly implemented in every process of power generation at Mae Moh Power Plant.


         Mr. Ampon Kitichotkul, EGAT’s Assistant Governor - Mae Moh Mine revealed that the forest fire situation in Lampang Province is causing smog and dust; therefore, EGAT Mae Moh has sent a team of volunteers to help the smog reduction and firefighting operations both during and after office hours. Additionally, EGAT and the surrounding community have created a fire-line around the area of EGAT Mae Moh of more than 160 kilometers and have provided other necessary equipment, such as trucks and fire trucks containing water more than 300,000 liters, batteries for charging solar cells for illumination, food and water, etc., to help the officers of the special forest fire control operations center of Doi Phra Bat mountain, and volunteers who have been supporting the mission to their fullest capabilities.


         Moreover, EGAT Mae Moh has opened a center to support the firefighting operation in Lampang Province to receive donations for urgent and necessary items, such as water, minerals, masks, artificial tears, and muscle relief creams, including cash to purchase those items. As for EGAT Mae Moh’s process, it has been strictly operating in accordance with the dust control measure in every process of power generation including installing a water spray invention on the power plant management building to reduce dust and smog. EGAT has also informed the security officer at EGAT Mae Moh about the burning ban for those who enter the area in order to comply with the burning ban announcement from Lampang Province.


         “EGAT has not been at ease and has continued to monitor the smog from forest fires in the areas of responsibility and nearby areas. EGAT is ready to support related departments as requested. If a fire is discovered in EGAT Mae Moh’s area, the incident can be reported at 054-254555 (24 hours a day), or on the Facebook Fanpage (ศูนย์ War Room ไฟป่าและหมอกควันจังหวัดลำปาง),” said EGAT’s Assistant Governor.