EGAT confirms that the natural gas supply disruption from Yadana field, Myanmar, will not have an impact on electricity security as there is the low demand during that period. However, to assure the power system security, EGAT gets prepared with full measure in case of emergency and asks the public to help save the power during that particular period.


          Mr. Suthon Boonprasong, Deputy Governor – Transmission System said that PTT Public Company Limited sent a letter dated January 29, 2016 to inform EGAT about its plan of natural gas supply cut from Yadana filed in Myanmar in order to connect the supply system with Badamyar field, the new phase of the Yadana gas field. It would contribute to the loss of natural gas from Myanmar approximately 1,100 million cubic feet a day, which would have an impact on the fuel supplied to power plants on the western region including power plants owned by Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Co., Ltd, Ratchaburi Power Co., Ltd, Tri-Energy Co., Ltd, South Bangkok Power Plant, North Bangkok Power Plant, and Ratchaburi World Power Plant.


          EGAT has the measures to cope with the situation. For the generation system, EGAT will run the North Bangkok Combined Cycle Power Plant Block 1 and 2 which can use the natural gas supplied from the eastern gas fields. Ratchaburi Thermal Power Plant will switch to use bunker oil, while Ratchaburi Combined Cycle Power Plant will use diesel oil. It is expected that 22 million liters of bunker oil and 7 million liters of diesel oil will be required during this gas supply cut. For the transmission system, the transmission lines and key equipment have been checked and maintained beforehand. Moreover, no transmission system maintenance during the gas cut will be allowed.

          EGAT ensures that with such preparation, the natural gas supply cut will not affect power users.