EGAT opened Khon Kaen 4 Substation in Khon Kaen Province to receive power from Laos PDR and strengthen the power system security in the northeastern region and Thailand.

         Dr. Somsak Changtragul, Governor of Khon Kaen Province chaired the official opening and accepted the Khon Kaen 4 Substation in Ban Fang District, Khon Kaen Province from the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). Mr. Surapong Rangsisombatsiri, EGAT’s Assistant Governor - Transmission System Construction, Mr. Worapot Inthong, EGAT’s Assistant Governor - Transmission System Operation, Mr. Junyong Wongjunpong, EGAT’s Assistant Governor - System Control, along with many EGAT executives and officers, head of government office, citizens, and locals, joined the ceremony at Khon Kaen 4 Substation on September 5, 2018.



         Dr. Somsak Changtragul, Governor of Khon Kaen Province said, power is extremely important for the development and progress of the country in all aspects. Khon Kaen Province is also continuing to grow in all aspects up to 4 percent. The opening of Khon Kaen 4 Substation is very important in the power aspect for the development of the country. The people of Khon Kaen Province feel proud and happy and will take care of Khon Kaen 4 Substation so that it continues to operate with high efficiency.

         The Khon Kaen 4 Substation covers an area of around 194 rai. It is a part of the Transmission System Development Project in the area of Loei, Nong Bua Lamphu, and Khon Kaen Province to purchase power from projects in Laos PDR. It receives power from the Xayaburi Dam Hydropower Project in Laos PDR with the capacity of 2,285 MW (7 units) into EGAT’s transmission system at the 500,000-volt Tha Li Substation in Loei Province, and continues to Khon Kaen 4 Substation with double circuit towers at the distance of 173 km. The Khon Kaen 4 Substation was built to strengthen the security and reliability of the power transmission system in Khon Kaen Province, the northeastern region, and Thailand, and support the growth of power demand in the industrial sector. As for the excess power from the northeastern region, it will go into the transmission system through transmission lines to be transmit to the central of Thailand. Citizens will have good quality of life together with secure and sufficient power for everyday use in households, businesses, and the industrial sector.