EGAT received five Thailand Coal Awards 2018 for the efficient operations of Mae Moh Mine and Mae Moh Power Plant, emphasizing EGAT’s good operation.



         On September 26, 2018, Mr. Veerasak Pungrassamee, Director General of Department of Mineral Fuels chaired the 4th Thailand Coal Awards 2018 awarding ceremony held by the Department of Mineral Fuels for outstanding organizations in Thailand’s coal operations. The purpose is to promote coal operation to meet international standards, not degrade the environment and community, coexist with the community and society peacefully, and create social and economic development for the country. There were eight awards presented this year, and EGAT won a total of five awards. Mr. Nikul Silasuwan, EGAT’s Deputy Governor - Generation, Mr. Boontawee Kangwankit, EGAT’s Assistant Governor - Fuel Management, Mr. Amornpun Leelaporn, EGAT’s Assistant Governor - Generation 2, and EGAT executives received the awards on behalf of EGAT at the Katreeya Room, Rama Gardens Hotel in Bangkok.



         EGAT won a total of five awards comprising two awards in the Best Practices Category; on Surface Coal Mining for the “Mae Moh Lignite Mine” by Mae Moh Mine; and on Clean Coal Use & Technology (power plants with a capacity of more than 500 MW) for the “Boiler Modification of Clean Coal Power Plant for Utilizing Low - Rank Coal” by Mae Moh Power Plant.

         EGAT won two awards in the Corporate Social Responsibility Category for “Mae Moh Lignite Mine’s CSR” by Mae Moh Mine, and “Lessons from the King’s Philosophy for Sustainable Development of Mae Moh District” by Mae Moh Power Plant.

         EGAT won in the Special Submission Category for the “Dust Killer Box (Dust Reduction Equipment from Boom Type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer)” by Mae Moh Mine. The invention reduces dust dispersion during the transport of coal to Mae Moh Power Plant.

         It is the fourth year this ceremony has been held, and EGAT has won awards in every year, showcasing EGAT’s concrete success in coal use with efficiency, and social and environmental friendliness. EGAT continues to utilize researches and innovations to become an organization with efficient coal management at the international standards.