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          EGAT tested the operation of Mae Moh Power Plant Units 4-7 Replacement Project that is ready for commercial operation in 2019 after the Cabinet approved its capacity expansion to 655 MW on February 26, 2019. Mae Moh will also be developed to be a smart city with the efficient power management.

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          On March 30, 2019, Mr. Patana Sangsriroujana, EGAT Deputy Governor – Strategy as the EGAT spokesperson said that Mae Moh Power Plant Units 4-7 Replacement Project which had been approved by the National Council for Peace and Order on August 19, 2014 to run the 600 MW capacity was approved by the Cabinet on February 26, 2019 to expand its capacity to 655 MW.

          EGAT Deputy Governor further said that this replacement project will utilize lignite as fuel for power generation with ultra-supercritical (USC) technology, which is presently most modern. With the boiler system producing the stream using higher temperature and pressure, the combustion is more efficient, requiring 20% less fuel for power generation. This results in less carbon dioxide emission compared with the subcritical technology. Moreover, modern technologies to get rid of pollutants including Selective Catalytic Reduction: SCR, Electrostatic Precipitator: ESP that can dispose dust more than 99.9%, and Flue Gas Desulfurization: FGD that sprays limestone to absorb sulfur dioxide have been installed. With these technologies, pollutant and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. The power plant’s environmental quality control was installed in compliance with Pollution Control Department to show its real time data. Therefore, it is ensured that what is released during power generation process is better than standard criteria and is not the cause of PM 2.5, as can be seen that the PM2.5 level in Mae Moh is lower than that in the nearby provinces.

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          “EGAT is supported by the government to coordinate with provincial administration, Mae Moh community, and related organizations to develop Mae Moh Smart City with efficient energy management. Mae Moh Smart City is comprised of the use of information technology for agriculture to increase income, local forest village development, check dam management, as well as bus application that can identify location of EV charging stations and EGAT EV bus in cooperation with Lampang Tourism Authority to provide convenience to those who travel from the Lampang city to Mae Moh. The Mae Moh Smart City will promote the good health of villagers, provide sufficient power and forest to increase income. Mae Moh is ready to be the center of organic food and green power,” said the EGAT Spokesperson.