EGAT and Sahakol Equipment Co., Ltd signed the agreement contract to excavate and transport coal at Mae Moh Mine to fuel Mae Moh Power Plant, enhancing the balance of power and power security as well as reducing the fuel import.


          On August 31, 2015 Mr. Soonchai Kumnoonsate, EGAT Governor chaired the agreement signing ceremony to hire Sahakol Equipment Co., Ltd to excavate and transport coal at Mae Moh Mine. Mr. Sasavat Sirison, Chief Executive Officer, was the representative from Sahakol Equipment to sign the agreement with EGAT. There were also senior executives from two companies to witness the event. Those from EGAT were Mr. Prapas Vichakul, Deputy Governor – Fuel, Mr. Thaworn Ngamganokwan, Assistant Governor – Mae Moh Mine, Mr. Pramote Pornrattanapitak, Assistant Governor – Fuel Management, and Mrs. Sujitra Suttaket, Director of Domestic Supply and Procurement Division, while those from Sahakol Equipment were Mr. Kavit Sirison, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Vitavat Sirison, Chief Operating Officer. The ceremony was held at Centara Grand at Central Plaza, Bangkok.


          EGAT Governor congratulated Sahakol Equipment for its achievement on the contract. EGAT had the policy for the private companies to join in coal excavation and transport managment. In the past, EGAT had managed coal excavation by itself. Mae Moh Power Plant had the installed capacity of 2,400 MW and required 16 million tons of coal per year. If EGAT managed everything alone, to supply enough fuel for the power plant might be too late to meet the demand of power users, while there was also the high cost on machines and other equipment. As a result, the cooperation with the private company would help reduce the burden and enhance its competence.


          The coal reserve at Mae Moh Mine was about 300 million tons. EGAT had managed the mine with the concern on society and environment and with compliance to the law and regulation. EGAT believed that Sahakol Equipment with the expertise in the field would be able to manage everything following the plan. “Thailand can keep the electricity price at this rate because we have lignite at Mae Moh Mine as the fuel for power generation. So, this cooperation helps the nation to have reasonable price of electricity and reduce the fuel import”, said EGAT Governor.

          The Chief Executive Officer of Sahakol Equipment expressed his thanks to EGAT for the chance provided to the company for the eight contract. He was proud that the company could help the country in reducing the dependence on fuel import and power generation cost, which led to the benefit on power users. The company promised to work as best as it could with the long time experience for more than 30 years to achieve the EGAT goal.

          EGAT has hired the company on two work namely excavation and transport of coal in the amount of 375.0 million cubic meters and sorting and transporting of lignite of 31 million metric tons with the duration of 10 years (2016-2025) and cost of 22,871 million baht.