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          EGAT won Outstanding State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) Awards 2015 for the innovation of lignite conveyor belt adjustment equipment, Mae Moh Mine. EGAT Governor appreciated the inventor team for bringing the pride to the organization and showing the competency of EGAT people who were committed to developing EGAT to excellencies.


          On September 22, 2015 at the Government House, State Enterprise Policy Office held SOE Award 2015 Announcement under the theme “Together for All, All for One”. Mr. Somkid Chatusripitak, Deputy Prime Minister, chaired the event as well as granting awards and policy to state-owned enterprises. EGAT executives who joined the event were Mr. Soonchai Kumnoonsate, EGAT Governor, Mr. Chanin Chaonirattisai, Deputy Governor – Policy and Planning, Mr. Chartchai Rojanaratanangkule, Deputy Governor - Account and Finance, Mr. Rum Herabat, Deputy Governor - Generation, Mr. Varavoot Siripol, Assistant Governor - Policy, Mr. Tatree Riewcharoen, Assistant Governor - Corporate Social Affairs, Mr. Patrapong Thepa, Director of Research and Development Administration Division, Mr. Bunpoht Teeravas, director of Mae Moh Mine Production Division.


          The Deputy Prime Minister said that state-owned enterprises were critical power of the nation to drive the economy growth. They needed more strategic policy, transparency, efficiency, procedure and structure improvement, step reduction, and great management. He entrusted 2 aspects to EGAT which were (1) uplifting the spirits of employees; for the growth of the organization, the leaders should be able to inspire and encourage their people, (2) innovation; with more competition in the future, there was the necessity to review how to gain highest efficiency, lowest cost, and trading value. The innovation would enhance the competition, and the state-owned enterprises should invest more on innovation and praise the innovators.

          For the State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) Award 2015 announcement, there were 8 categories, and EGAT received the award in the area of innovation from “lignite conveyor belt adjustment equipment, Mae Moh Mine”.


          The EGAT Governor said that EGAT would grow sustainably if there was the innovation development. The award that EGAT received this year, which was innovation invented by employees at EGAT Mae Moh, brought the pride and fame to the organization. Creating the innovation was the basis of all development. It also saved the cost and increased the working efficiency.


          “The name of the award we received complies with the theme “Together for All, All for One”. Winning this award is our pride, but more than that, it shows the potential and determination of EGAT people who work hard in inventing the pieces and developing working systems to increase the efficiency and bring the benefits to EGAT and the nation,” said EGAT Governor.

          The lignite conveyor belt adjustment equipment was invented by EGAT Mae Moh staff who tried to solve the problem on transporting lignite via conveyor belt, which always loosened out from the proper trail, contributing to the damage on the belt that required the frequent maintenance. The EGAT staff had brainstormed and designed the model machine which was further improved until it was able to solve the problem.


          The strong point of this machine is the design of using natural force depending on the difference of friction along the length of rollers under the belt without using electronic control system. There were no countries inventing this kind of machine before, so it was sent to be displayed in Inventor’s Day held by National Research Council and in the 42nd International Exhibition of inventions of Geneva in April 2014. It received the petty patent No. 7396 on automatic belt adjustment tool on August 15, 2015. It is now on the process of applying for the petty patent registration on the additional parts that were further developed for the longer conveyor belt.