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          EGAT International Co., Ltd (EGATi) revealed its plan in 2017-2026 to achieve 1,700 MW of generating capacity, while coal mine investment in Indonesia makes more profits than expected. Nam-Ngiep 1 dam construction in Laos has progressed as planned, and more investment is planned to achieve the capacity target.

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          Mr. Watchara Hemruchatanun, the President of EGATi said that according to the company’s 10-year-plan (2017-2026), in 2017 EGATi will have the total generating capacity of 1,700 MW. One of the projects EGATi has invested oversea is Nam-Ngiep Hydropower Plant in Laos with the capacity of 289 MW whose construction achieves 60% completeness, and the commercial operation date is expected to be at the beginning of 2019.

          Others projects include 1,320 MW-Quang Tri Thermal Power Plant in Vietnam which will use imported coal as the fuel. The project’s feasibility study was approved, and its commercial operation date is expected to be around 2023-2024. The feasibility study report of Mai Tong Hydropower Project in Myanmar’s is also reviewed and expected to start its commercial operation around 2026-2028.

          In 2026, it is expected that EGATi will have 933 MW of generating capacity and need more 767 MW to achieve the goal of 1,700 MW. EGATi then has business negotiation to invest in other power projects oversea such as Cambodia, Indonesia, and Laos.

          The President of EGATi also mentioned about the company’s performance in 2016. From investing in the share of Adaro Indonesia’s coal mine in 2016, EGAT will earn the dividend about 400 million baht which is more than expected. The decision for this investment really strengthens the company’s financial stability.