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          EGAT forecast the peak demand in 2016 to be around 28,500-29,000 MW, which would increase from the last year by 4.1%. It was expected to occur between March and May mainly due to the hot and dry season. The electricity consumption continued to increase but did not break the peak record in 2015 yet.

          The power demand in 2016 is higher than the prior year. When summer arrives, the daily peak increases following the rising temperature. While peak demand in the last year which occurred on June 11, 2015 at 2.02 pm. was 27,345.8 MW with the temperature of 36.7 degree Celsius, the peak demand in this year was expected to be higher because of the severe hot weather and drought.

          EGAT prepares sufficient fuel and power capacity to meet the public’s demand. In this year there are 2 additional power plants supplying the power to the system namely North Bangkok Power Plant Block 2 and Hongsa Power Plant Block 3, while bunker oil reserve at Ratchaburi is larger than usual by 20-50 million liters. The public cooperation on power saving will also help decrease the total power demand.