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          Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited (RATCH) announced financial results of the first quarter in 2016. RATCH’s profit for the quarter was 1,259 million baht, increasing 8% from the previous year. The company expects to receive revenue result from Nava Nakorn Electricity Cogeneration power project and is ready to adjust strategy and goal to be in line with changing domestic and international business environment.



          On May 18, 2016, Mr. Rum Herabat, Chief Executive Officer of RATCH announced financial results for the first quarter of 2016. The company posted quarterly revenue of 13,795 million baht and quarterly net profit of 1,259 million baht, increasing from the last year’s net profit of 1,163 million baht, because of asset, cost and expenditure efficient management especially fuel cost. Moreover, RATCH gets prepared to receive revenue result from Nava Nakorn Electricity Cogeneration power project and is planning to find new investment opportunity in bid submission for 3 biomass power plant projects in southern Thailand with a total capacity of 30 MW.

          The power plant projects under construction process have been progressively developed including domestic project namely the power plant at Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate with a capacity of 132 MW which is 98% completion and is expected to start commercial operation in June 2016 and international projects namely Xe-Pian - Xe-Namnoy hydropower plant project in Laos PDR with a capacity of 410 MW which is 47% progression (scheduled commercial operation in 2019) and a 2,360 MW nuclear power plant project in China to be completed in 2021.

          For the future, the company is reviewing business strategy which has been implemented for 3 years due to a change of business and competition environment. The operation plan needs to be improved in line with internal and external factors to fit with future investment direction. The new strategy is going to be completed in this third quarter with emphasis on investment in domestic electric power industry and investment in neighboring countries for power security.