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         The EGAT Governor revealed policies to guide EGAT into a future in which technology is changing the world and hopes that EGAT will be a major player in maintaining the stability of the national power system. EGAT gives importance to community participation from the beginning to successfully drive missions under PDP, including developing innovations, creating alliances, and expanding new businesses.


         On June 28, 2018, Mr. Viboon Rerksirathai, the EGAT Governor had afternoon tea with the press and talked about EGAT management after accepting the position of the 14th EGAT Governor. Mr. Viboon is determined to make EGAT a major player in maintaining the stability of the national power system by implementing technological innovations and new working methods.

         Mr. Viboon Rerksirathai said that nowadays society and technology is changing rapidly, and organizations including EGAT must change its working methods. On the social aspect, EGAT will create new ways of participation and focus on community participation from the beginning by using two-way communication, giving knowledge, and creating an understanding with the community and society. All aspects of the project, both its benefits and its impacts will be discussed openly and transparently according to the law. The community can participate in deciding the agreement of the community before the EIA - EHIA process. Mr. Viboon believes that if the community cooperates from the beginning, the projects can succeed according to the PDP.

         As for disruptive technology which led to more significant role of renewable energy, EGAT will implement projects to help the smooth development of renewable energy, such as developing a transmission system to support renewable energy according to the PDP, a secure transmission system connecting different regions, a smart grid for the stability of generating and distributing power, and a battery storage system. This includes using research and innovation that increases the efficiency of power generation and transmission, reduces cost operation, and expands new businesses from successful original innovations for the growth of the organization.


         EGAT not only focuses on the organization dimension but also supports research and innovation that creates value for the country and society in general by encouraging EGAT officers and others to do research and innovation unrelated to power in order to build a learning society and continue to develop the country.

         The EGAT Governor said that amidst the challenges of an era in which technology is changing the world, EGAT will not walk alone but find alliances to walk forward together, which is consistent with the government policy for agencies to integrate the use of resources to create added value for the country. EGAT as an organization which specializes in power generation and management found alliances specialized in other areas, e.g. integrating digital and power aspects with CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, finding opportunities to strengthen power stability with PTT Public Company Limited, expanding invention and innovation projects commercially with the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) including building growth through EGAT affiliates.

         “EGAT is ready to use innovation and new working methods to help develop the organization in all aspects in order for EGAT to become a major player in strengthening the stability of the national power system, for the development of the country, and for citizens to have a better quality of life as the EGAT vision states, Innovate Power Solutions for a Better Life,” said EGAT Governor.