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          The Committee on Power Reliability Improvement had a meeting to follow up the improvement of country’s power system reliability for the security of the whole system.


          Mr. Suthon Boonprasong, Deputy Governor – Transmission chaired the 43rd (2/2015) meeting of the Committee on Power Reliability Improvement. Mr. Sakorn Payakrueng, Deputy Governor – Operation and Maintenance, Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Mr. Ratanarojana Thavisin, Deputy Governor - Technology and Material Management, Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) were the representatives joining the meeting with other committee members. The meeting was held at PEA head office on August 21, 2015.


          Mr. Suthon Boonprasong said that the Committee on Power Reliability Improvement was the cooperation among EGAT, PEA, and MEA to solve the power outage and flicker in order that the power users, both household and industry, could gain the great service on power supply, while the power system was also reliable. The committee whose members were the representatives from three utilities had continuously worked on power reliability improvement. At the same time, there were various working groups which were protection system improvement, equipment standard and maintenance, reliability assessment, public relation, power quality study, telecommunication, and smart grid system cooperation.

          During the meeting, there was the plan proposal to enhance reliability and security of power system from the working groups. For example, the working group on reliability assessment reported on the power outage and flicker of the three utilities happening in the last year, which was better than the earlier years. The causing factors were animals, tools, and environment. The three utilities would further work on the prevention measures and solution so that the problem on power outage and flicker had the least impact on users.


          Mrs. Yuwadee Thongsuwan, Director of Corporate Communications Division, EGAT and the chairperson of public relation working group revealed that the three utilities would work together to have the cooperated public relation media with unity including brochure, radio spot, social media communication, and other public relation activities for the users to have the correct way in using power and participate in preventing the power outage and flicker. The target groups included media, youth, manufacturers, public prosecutors, and general people.


          The meeting of the committee on Power Reliability Improvement is held twice a year, and the next meeting will be held in February 2016.