Clean coal technology refers to the process of preventing the impact of power generation on environment covering 3 stages.


1. Pre-combustion - a process to select high-quality coal, bituminous or sub-bituminous, which provides the high heating value but less sulfur (less than 1 percent). The selected coal will be cleaned to get rid of dust or soil to reduce the amount of sulfated ash, contributing to the higher heating value but less pollutant. (The process is done at the mine before transportation to the power plant).

2. Combustion - the modern technology is used with high efficient systems of furnace and boiler, to reduce the pollutant from the combustion of coal.

  • Pulverized Fuel (PF) Combustion – a coal burning method. The coal is pulverized to powder and injected to the furnace together with the air, contributing to the higher efficiency of combustion. At present, there is the development of coal combustion efficiency to 40-55 percent
  • Dry Low NOx Burner – a technology to reduce the loss of fuel and reduce the temperature in the combustion room, to control the NOx level

3. Post-combustion – a process to get rid of the pollutant from the combustion by using various technologies such as electrostatic precipitator and flue gas desulfurization. At present, the tools to get rid of the pollutants have efficiency more than 90 percent. The emission is then under the limit of the law without the impact on the health of people or environment.

EGAT ensures that every process will be managed with real clean coal technology.