This learning center is a playground where people can gain knowledge by playing. It is a special present given to society and community by EGAT.

         Thap Sakae is a district with the area of 518 square kilometers in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. It is far from Bangkok for 322 kilometers approximately. Prachuap Khiri Khan is one among provinces deemed as Thai favorite tourist attraction.

         In addition to wonderful beach, wind blowing and sunshine, if anyone has a chance to stop by at Thap Sakae, there is one more place recommended for visiting presently. It is EGAT Learning Center, Thap Sakae or “Think Well” Learning Center which was officially opened in May 2017.



         “Think Well” Learning Center is a building where knowledge regarding electric power, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)’s missions and various kinds of power plants that focus on renewable energy are exhibited. Its learning atmosphere is like an amusement park ambience where youth can enjoy and be excited by spectacular surroundings. “Think Well” Learning Center is opposite to Thap Sakae Solar Power Plant.

         This learning center is an energy-efficient building located on an area of 1,700 square meters. Its conceptual design is a mixture of local building and image of sailboat in which tow and anchorage are applied for the building decoration. Moreover, there is a tower, which is as tall as 4 - 5 storey building, with observation deck for visitors to enjoy Thap Sakae Solar Power Plant’s surroundings. An elevator is available to serve everyone who wishes to go up to the observation deck.

         In every zone at the “Think Well” Learning Center, exhibitions are displayed in forms of playing activities in the amusement park. Visitors can enjoy, have fun and be excited while roaming around the place. The building itself is unique with environment-friendly design. Focusing on artistry and green area, a huge pond that symbolizes the sea is located right at the entrance of the building decorated with rope links like the sailboat.


         Exhibition area in the building is divided into 7 zones which comprise:

         Zone 1 is a Think - Well located at a reception hall. There are mascots who will host and introduce to visitors details of zones in the learning center.

         Zone 2 is a 4-dimesional theater: Energy is Life. Audiences will be astonished by a discovery of original sources of power in the world, development of power generation in Thailand and renewable power creation to build livable communities and a better world.

         Zone 3 is a World of Energy where visitors will find out “where electricity is from” including types of power plants and power transmission system while enjoying models of power plants and complete power generation process.

         Zone 4 is an Energy Amusement Park where knowledge regarding 4 types of renewable energy resources including solar, wind, water and biomass (napier grass) are demonstrated via presentation techniques.

         Zone 5 is a Thap Sakae Village where visitors can learn history and way of life of people in Thap Sakae community from the past up to the present. They reflect Thap Sakae villagers’ points of view as community that has been coexisting with EGAT power plant and that both of them have always supported one another.

         Zone 6 is Change Yourself, Change the World where a green energy village is built up through coloring activity by Nong Kiddee and friends.

         And Zone 7 is a Viewpoint where visitors can enjoy solar panel field via binoculars and gain knowledge regarding types of solar cells.

         This learning center is a playground where people can gain knowledge by playing. It is a special present given to society and community by EGAT. Definitely, everyone will have much fun exploring the world of energy.