Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) planed its landscape design to create ecological balance comprising power plant, nature and human beings. Recently, “His Majesty’s Graciousness” park has been constructed at EGAT Headquarters on green area for 12 rais that is adjacent to North Bangkok Power Plant Block 2 and the Chao Phraya River. This new eco-park is located to be a buffer zone between North Bangkok Power Plant and neighboring community. It demonstrates the King’s philosophy towards 3 matters including reforestation, biological way of life and conservation of plant genetic resources.

          EGAT wishes that the park would be an outdoor exercise and recreation venue for its officials and people in neighbourhood. When the air is crisp, the park is suitable for working out along with studying ecology. People may apply the park’s landscape concept to develop their places such as housing areas, lands, offices or schools to create and ensure perfect balanced ecosystem which is deemed as a very valuable benefit for every place.

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          Mrs. Ruengvarayudh Pradittasane, Director of the Design and Construction Management Division, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) informed that His Majesty’s Graciousness park’s conceptual layout plan was eco forest park designed by Mr. Suangson Yabadun, an Architect Level 10. The design concept reflects a natural balance whereby all living creatures are created to live and depend on one another. Moreover, it illustrates that natural ecosystems could be restored while natural resources conservations would maximize benefits for all living things.

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Mrs. Ruengvarayudh Pradittasane, Director of the Design and Construction Management Division, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

          Different species of trees with multi-level heights were planted elaborately throughout the area for reforestation. Various kinds of local plants were selected to grow, especially long life trees such as gurjun, Burma padauk, teak, mahogany, queen’s crape myrtle, banyan, Salicaceae and yellow frame, etc. Following the owner of plant ecology theory; Dr. Akira Miyawaki, most of the trees were planted from seeds. To make them grow faster, 4 assorted types of saplings were planted in the area of 1 square meter. The saplings could grow faster because they compete to get sunlight. To nurture the saplings, some big trees were planted as well to provide them shade. In addition, the ground is leveled to create directional flow of water, which was designed to be 3 steps including upstream, midstream and downstream areas.

          Upstream area is used to plant trees for conservation or upstream forest. The ground level is high so that water would flow to midstream and downstream areas. Besides of pond, trees that can resist drought such as teak, fire of Pakistan and Burma padauk are planted in this area.

          Midstream area is a second level where plants such as gurjun, hopea, siamese sal, shorea roxburghii, sesbania sesban, and royal poinciana are grown. The existing His Majesty’s Graciousness Park in front of a Supply and Procurement Building nearby the Guardhouse 1 was no longer there but moved to this area. There are pavilions surrounded by trees together with waterfall that flows to combine with water from upstream to downstream area. In this level on the plain ground, fruit trees such as coconut, durian, and elaeocarpus hygrophilus are planted. Moreover, rice farming is conducted to demonstrate actual rice farm to visitors. In accordance with the royally-initiated development projects, there are check dams constructed along the waterway including vetiver glass planting in these 3 areas as well.

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          “We wish that this new eco park will be beneficial for EGAT’s officials and neighbouring people. They could enjoy the park, relax, exercise and study tree species. Besides, the park concept, which is part of His Majesty the King Rama 9’s royal initiatives, can be further developed and applied with other places. People may make this natural balance concept to be widely known in order that fertile ecosystem would yield results in all over the place. Hence, our environment throughout theworld would be restored and become a better place. I would like to invite EGAT’s visitors to stop by this new park in early morning or late afternoon to avoid too much sunlight. As aforementioned that we planted saplings grown from seeds, they are too small to provide enough shade. However, we will be able to see how the trees grow up gradually which is beneficial for learning,” said Mrs. Ruengvarayudh.

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