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Social Projects

          EGAT places an emphasis on the meticulous designing of appropriate social projects and action plans to meet the needs of stakeholders in communities in the vicinity of EGAT’s power plants and along the transmission line routes.  Our primary goal for these social projects is to mitigate possible impacts from our electricity generating operations both during the construction and throughout their operating phase. 

Conservation of Irrawaddy dolphins in Bang Pakong River

          This conservation project is a collaborative effort between EGAT and the Department of Fishing and Coastal Resources, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The project’s main objectives are to support the study and conservation of the Irrawaddy dolphins in Bang Pakong River. Public relations campaigns were organized to raise public awareness on the importance of conservation effort of these valuable and nearly extinct animals among youth and local communities. The conservation of these coastal creatures is important to the balancing of Thailand’s coastal ecosystem. EGAT contributed to this project by providing a financial support of 6,000,000 baht.

EGAT’s charity booth at the 2011 Red Cross Fair to raise fund for the Thai Red Cross Society

          The Thai Red Cross Society, a public organization under the royal patronage of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, has played important roles in assisting needy people in normal times as well as during the times of disasters.  2011 was the first year that EGAT developed a charity booth at the annual Red Cross Fair to raise funds for the Society through undertaking such activities as lotteries sale, Soi Dao raffle and sale of local products from local communities in the vicinity of EGAT’s power plants.  In addition to raising 6,000,000 baht charity fund for the Thai Red Cross Society, EGAT was able to distribute income to rural communities through the sale of their products. 

EGAT’s volunteering spirit via online social network project

          Having recognized the importance of instilling the concept of social responsibility within the organization, EGAT has formulated action plans to promote volunteering spirit among our employees.  EGAT had raised our employees’ awareness on the importance of social responsibility roles and volunteering spirit for the good of society.  In the past year, EGAT organized various activities to foster our employees’ volunteering spirit through such projects as flood disaster relief campaigns, donations to the needy, painting of flood-damaged school buildings, the paper marche project to build chairs for the intellectually-challenged children and many other projects. 
          While conducting various volunteering spirit campaigns it was found that EGAT’s volunteers scattered over different locations both at the headquarters and the regional operation departments with no proper channel to coordinate their volunteer activities.  EGAT chose to use social network, the newly popular communication channel on the Internet, as a venue for the sharing of ideas and volunteer activities information among EGAT’s volunteer employees and interested persons. “EGATvolunteer” fanpage (www.facebook.com/egatvolunteer) was launched during the year for all EGAT’s operative units to publicize their volunteer activities.  The fan page becomes very popular and has effectively established a public image of EGAT as an organization of up-to-date personnel with high commitment to social responsibility and strong volunteering spirit. 
          “Facebook EGATvolunteer” was officially launched on 7 March 2011 with 200 members visiting it in the first month.  At present, its membership has grown to more than 1,000. The fan page has realized EGAT’s intended goal of becoming a communication channel for EGAT’s volunteers across the country. 

840 Fai Thawai Nai Luang (the 840 check dams in honor of His Majesty the King)” project

          The project was a collaborative scheme between EGAT and the communities in the watershed areas around Bhumibol dam.  These check dams were built in compliance with the King’s royal initiative for the conservation of watershed areas and water resources which further contributed to the effective water management and restoration of fertility to the watershed areas.  The project was completed as planned in 2011 and successfully raised the public awareness and community involvement in conserving the country’s forest and watershed resources. 

Reforestration Project

          Since 1994, EGAT has actively and continuously supported the country’s reforestation program initiated and implemented by the Thai government in commemoration of the Royal Golden Jubilee Celebrations of His Majesty’s Ascension to the Throne. EGAT’s reforestation project covers a total area of 384,418 rais in 49 provinces across the country. The project implementation during 1994-2009 included on-going replanting and maintenance activities covering 377,638 rais of watershed forest areas and river basin areas of the Ping, Nan, and Meklong rivers, 7,430 rais of mangrove forests along the coasts of the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, and 350 rais of swamp forests.

Waen Kaew or “Eyeglasses for the Poor” Project

          The project has been developed since 2006 to commemorate the 48th birthday anniversary of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. The project name, “Waen Kaew”, derives from one of the names Princess Sirindhorn used in her writings. This project marked the beginning of EGAT’s involvement in undertaking our social activities with the alliances, namely Mettapracharak Watraikhing Hospital, TrueVision Group, Sai Jai Thai Foundation under the Royal Patronage, and Hawvan Group Co. Ltd. Campaigns were launched to raise fund from public donations to support the provision of eye care services and eyeglasses free of charge to the disadvantaged people, under the slogan “Light for the eyes is the light of life”. In 2010, EGAT’s Waen Kaew project could raise funds of 250,000 baht from donation by both public and private agencies and organized 28 eye care service mobile units for 6,226 people.

EGAT DIY Camp for the volunteering spirit fostering project

          Launched in 2009, this Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) project fosters the volunteering spirit among university students under the theme of “Kid Dee Tham Dee” (Good Thoughts, Good Actions).  The project was implemented through the existing volunteer camp activities organized by students at most universities.  A collaborative network between EGAT, the Office of the Higher Educational Commission (OHEC), educational institutes and students as well as local communities was established to organize productively social volunteering camps.  
          In 2011, EGAT and OHEC invited tertiary students with volunteering spirit to enter their projects, which aimed to help poor communities in remote areas, in a contest to win 20 volunteer camp grants at a budget of 100,000 baht for each grant.  17 educational institutes that passed EGAT’s selection criteria and received grants for their projects in 2011 included Bansomdejchaopraya  Rajabhat University, Lampang Inter-tech College, Lampang Rajabhat University, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Chulalongkorn University, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna Phayab Region at Chiang Mai, Thammasat University, Chiang Mai University, Southern College of Technology, Kasetsart University, Prince of Songkla University at Hat Yai, Sripathum University, Sisaket Rajabhat University, Kasem Bundit University, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University, Silpakorn University, Saint Louis College and Phranakhon Rajabhat University. 200 representatives from 18 educational institutes participated in EGAT’s 2011 D.I.Y. CAMP activities to forge a spirit of unity before departing to their separate community development volunteering camps.
          An evaluation committee was set up to make actual site visits to select five “Outstanding Camps” with distinguished operational success in terms of collaboration with relevant sectors and possible sustainable community development outcome that could be further developed. Each selected volunteer camp received a scholarship of 30,000 baht.  
          Over the past three years, EGAT has been proud to become a center for “EGAT saplings” comprising a network of youth dedicating to perform volunteering activities for community development.  EGAT D.I.Y.I. webpage was set up on such a social media as Facebook to serve as a communication channel for “EGAT saplings” to discuss topics of their interest, share experiences and invite cooperation for new volunteering activities.  EGAT pledged to provide continuing support to this project, with some modifications, to keep these “EGAT saplings” growing into massive trees of virtues for the well-being of the society at large. 

Power of the Land

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