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Good Corporate Governance Policy


1.   Adopting organization-wide six key principles of good corporate governance, namely rules 
      of law, moral integrity, transparency, participation, responsibility and accountability as well
      as effectiveness and efficiency.

2.   Setting forth EGAT Code of Ethics and Conduct to provide guidance for the Board of
      Directors, management, and all EGAT employees in performing their respective duties in
      addition to compliance with EGAT’s rules and regulations.

3.   The Board of Directors formulates EGAT’s vision, strategies, policies and key initiatives
      taking into account risk factors.  The Board also provides guidelines for proper risk and
      business management and processes, includingan effective internal control system to
      ensure the reliability and accuracy of EGAT’s accounting systems, financial reporting and
      accounting audits.

4.   Encouraging executives and employees to perform their duties with dedication and 

5.   Enhancing sound management systems and practices taking into consideration key 
      stakeholder groups including (1) Government, community and society, and the environment
      (2) Customers and stakeholders (3) Organization, and (4) Employees.

6.   Promoting the establishment of committees to especially assist the Board of Directors in 
      reviewing and deliberating on key specific issues.

7.   Promoting accurate, adequate and timely disclosure of EGAT’s financial and non-financial 
      information and ensure fair and equitable access to such information for all stakeholders
      and related parties.

8.   The Board of Directors and management shall be the role model for ethical conduct.

9.   Discharging one’s duties with full responsibility and commitment and with clear division of 
      roles and responsibilities between the Board Chairman and EGAT Governor.

10. Establishing appropriate, fair and transparent systems and processes for the nomination 
      and/or selection of all levels of key managerial positions.

11. Conducting self-assessment as a means to review the performance of the Board of Directors.

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