Good Corporate Governance Policy Compliance

     For the implementation of EGAT’s Good Corporate Governance Policy formulated by EGAT Committee, the EGAT Governor, as the highest executive, issued the announcement complying with the policy as follows: Government, Society, and Environment
     EGAT aspires to live together in peace and harmony with society. It strives to foster mutual understanding with communities and society at large, treat all people with dignity and respect, and runs its operation and activities in a socially and environmentally responsible way. It also upholds the corporate value of social responsibility and is committed to activity supporting all development efforts on environmental conservation and development of quality of life.

Customers and Stakeholders

     EGAT is committed to treating all customers and stakeholders with respect, fairness, and integrity, providing its customers with highest quality of service and products consistent with their requirements, and disclosing relevant information in an accurate, reliable and timely manner.


     EGAT has in place sound policies, strategies, organizational structure, procedures, administration systems, rules and regulations as well as Code of Conduct and Ethics to provide guidance for ethical conduct of all Board Directors, executives and employees. It also promotes fair and transparent procurement practices and procedures as well as corporate and personal integrity and high ethical conducts across the organization. Executives of all managerial levels must lead by example. EGAT is committed to improving and ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of its internal control and auditing systems, risk management, fair and transparent procurement appraisal and evaluation systems. It also improved and strengthened its corporate governance system and practices to prevent conflict of interest. Continuous learning and self improvement are encouraged among employees to enable them to readily adapt to change.


     EGAT respects the dignity and rights of EGAT employees of all levels. All employees are encouraged to uphold EGAT’s core values of integrity, transparency, honesty, responsibility and accountability, continual self improvement, as well as teamwork spirit. EGAT treats each individual employee equally with fairness and openness.

Power of the Land

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