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Board of Directors' Authority and Responsibilities

  • Lay down rules and regulations
  • Establish EGAT’s vision and policies and responsible for overall operations
  • Review and approve significant policies and strategies including objectives, financial objectives, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the organization’s initiatives as well as monitor performance of the management regularly
  • Ensure the reliability of accounting system, financial statements, and auditing, as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of internal control, internal audit, risk management and financial information disclosure, and follow up observance
  • Oversee and address conflicts of interest issues that may occur with an employee, management, or Director as well as monitor the misuse of EGAT’s property and investigate misconduct of illegal or unethical behavior
  • Ensure that the structure and practices of EGAT Board of Directors comply with the principles of good corporate governance and high ethical standards
  • Monitor the appropriateness of human resource management including position classification and manpower
  • Evaluate the performance of the Governor and review EGAT’s planning regularly

Power of the Land

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