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EGAT’s Research & Development

         EGAT has continuously supported and encouraged research and development projects undertaken by EGAT employees as well as outside institutions with an emphasis on six main purposes as follows:

  • To replace import of electrical power technologies. materials, and equipment.
  • To contribute for peak cuts or improved energy efficiency.
  • To develop new energy alternatives for electricity generation.
  • To improve efficiency and/or lower production cost.
  • To prevent and mitigate environmental and social impacts caused by power operations and associated activities
  • To support social research for the quality development of community life around EGAT’s power plants.

         EGAT is committed to fostering creativity and innovation. An EGAT Research and Development Management Committee (ERDMC) has been set up to manage EGAT research and development (R & D) operation in accordance with the framework of national policy and the national research and development policy and strategies. The Committee also supports and encourages research and development projects. ERDMC’s authority and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To prepare and revise EGAT’s R & D policy, master plan and/or purposes in accordance with the national R & D policy and strategies
  2. To submit EGAT’s R & D master plan and/or R & D purposes to EGAT Management for approval
  3. To screen, consider and approve R & D proposals submitted by EGAT employees and external institutions
  4. To approve the revision or termination of the signed R & D contracts or agreements
  5. To screen and approve the patent application or renewal of EGAT R & D projects and inventions
  6. To approve and determine the rate for EGAT’s intellectual property licensing and sales
  7. To judge winning R & D projects for the EGAT Invention Awards.

1. Deputy Governor - Policy and Planning
2. Assistant Governor - Policy 
3. Assistant Governor - Account 
4. Assistant Governor from Administration Line 
5. Assistant Governor - Corporate Social Responsibility 
6. Assistant Governor from Power Plant Development Line 
7. Assistant Governor from Transmission System Development Line 
8. Assistant Governor from Generation Line 
9. Assistant Governor from Business Development Line 
10. Assistant Governor from Fuel Line 
11. Assistant Governor from Transmission System Line 
12. Director of Research and Development Administration Division

Vice Chairman



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