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Director of Demand Side Management and Planning Division joined the news announcement of demand response collaboration project during the gas supply disruption from JDA-A18 for 5 days, from July 19 to 23, 2015, when the demand response will be implemented 3 hours a day from 6.30 pm.-9.30 pm. It is expected that it will reduce the electricity use of 100 MW approximately.

On June 17, 2015, Mr. Jirasak Mantharngkul, Director of Demand Side Management and Planning Division was EGAT representative to join the announcement of demand response project 2/2015 to reduce the electrical use in 14 southern provinces during JDA-A18 gas supply disruption which would be on July 19-23, 2015 at Office of Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), Chamchuri Square Building. ERC targeted the project participants accounting for 200 MW with the expectation that 100 MW would be reduced from electricity use. There was the approval to compensate 3.40 baht per unit which was lower than the cost of using diesel and bunker oil for power geenration, which would be reserved for Chana and Krabi Power Plants during the natural gas supply cut.

The director told the media about the measures EGAT prepared to handle JDA-A18 gas supply disruption. For the generation system, the capacity in southern provinces including the electricity transmit from the Central Thailand would be 2,833 MW, which was enough to meet the peak in the southern provinces that was expected to be 2,350 MW. For the transmission system, the inspection was done and there was no maintenance during the gas supply cut period. EGAT people also got prepared in case of emergency.

For fuel management, the bunker oil reserve for Krabi Power Plant was 28.23 million liters that was sufficient for 40 days, while diesel oil reserve for Chana Power Plant was 14.86 million liters that was enough for 8 day-uses. Moreover, there was the coordination with PTT Public Company Limited to supply additional oil for 3 day-uses in case of operation delay.

For demand response implementation, EGAT had the meeting with The Siam Cement (Thung Song) Co.,Ltd. which was the only EGAT’s direct customer in the South of Thailand. It was expected that the company would collaborate with EGAT to implement demand response like the last 2 coordination. The time duration for demand response implementation was 6.30-9.30 pm. from July 19-23, 2015.