Lam Takhong Wind Power

The wind turbines are located in the site of Lam Takhong hydropower plant in Sikhio district, Nakhon Ratchasima province

Total Generating Capacity: 2.50 MW

Project Development
EGAT has continuously invested in alternative energy projects including wind power. It was discovered that the area around Lam Takhong dam was a potential site to install large wind turbines as the wind speed is 5-6 meters per second.
     Type                                         D6-1250 model (horizontal)
     Number of turbines              2
     Generating capacity             1.25 MW each
     Number of blades(each)     3
     Blade‚Äôs diameter                   64 meters
     Height                                      68 meters

Operation Year: March 16, 2009

Date of Inauguration: May 15, 2009