Vision, Mission & Strategic Direction


To be a world-class leading organization in the electric power industry

EGAT set a vision to be an internationally leading organization in electricity business, with a goal to be a leading organization in five key aspects:

   •  Good corporate governance
   •  A high performance organization
   •  Operational excellence
   •  National pride
   •  Financial viability


EGAT’s core purpose is to create and improve the quality of life and strengthen the country’s competitiveness through reliable and affordable energy and services while giving due care to society and environment.

We generate, acquire, transmit and sell bulk electric energy via our transmission network which reaches all part of the country. We also produce lignite for our lignite-fired power plant and sell lignite byproducts for industrial uses. In addition, we provide energy-related services to external companies and private power plants. We also invest in electricity and energy-related businesses through our subsidiaries and affiliates – the EGAT Group.

Strategic Direction

  • Enhancing competitive advantages of EGAT's core business
  • Building growth in EGAT Group and related businesses
  • Being a caring organization for community, society and environment
  • Being a high performance organization

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Committed to the Organization

EGAT people are all committed to the organization; performing their duties with good faith, loyalty, skill and diligence for the same unified goal to drive the organizational growth and safeguard the interest of EGAT and the nation.

Striving for Excellence

 All employees work with sound and farsighted planning, diligence and determination and always give due consideration on safety and the interest of the country, society and environment.  All are committed to continually develop themselves for improved competence and work performance to ensure the high quality, efficiency and excellence of their works that earn EGAT the trust and acceptance from the public and domestic and international agencies and organizations.

Upholding moral integrity

EGAT praises and supports the employees with integrity and ethically sound conduct as well as the employees who dedicatedly do good deeds for the nation’s interest.  EGAT is determined to prevent, by all means, the abuse of power and misconduct in the organization.  It is also committed to equitable treatment to all employees and stakeholders.



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