Pha Bong Solar Power Plant


Location Mueang District, Mae Hong Son Province

Generating Capacity 0.50 MW

         Mae Hong Son Province is situated on the country's western border and mostly covered with mountains and forests. It is the only province that EGAT cannot construct the 115 kV transmission line to connect to the main grid because of forestry conservation. The electricity can be supplied to the province only through 22 kV transmission line of Provincial Electricity with the distance of 200 km.
         Originally, Mae Hong Son Province had a 4.7 MW hydropower plant and a 5.4 MW diesel power plant which could not meet the high rising demand every year. EGAT then decided to develop Pha Bong Solar Power Project to increase the power capacity in the province. EGAT’s decision to choose solar power for adding in the system can reduce impacts on environment and enhance the further research and development in the future.

EGAT Learning Center
         EGAT Learning Center in the area of Pha Bong Solar Power Plant is under construction. The concept of this learning center is to disseminate knowledge on smart grid, EGAT’s project being developed in Mae Hong Son Province, in which renewable energy and storage system will be used to supply power in the province under the automatic control system with information technology. After the construction of the learning center is completed, the visitors will enjoy the multimedia exhibition which will also cover details of smart city being developed in the province, where electrical vehicles and electrical charging stations will be provided. Last but not least, a smart billboard showing power generation and consumption of the city will be installed in the learning center to raise the public awareness on power saving and efficiency.