Thap Sakae Solar Power Plant


Location Thap Sakae District, Prachaup Khiri Khan Province

Generating Capacity 5 MW

         EGAT has continuously conducted the research and developed electricity generation from renewable energy coupled with conventional fuel to comply with Alternative Energy Development Plan (AEDP2015) of Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy. Thap Sakae Solar Power Plant can reflect EGAT’s determination to use new innovations and technologies to increase the efficiency of renewable power facilities.
         EGAT wants the plant to be the research center of the efficiency of electricity generation from solar power by installing 4 types of solar cells within the same area comprising of 1 MW Crystalline Silicon, 2 MW Amorphous Silicon, 1 MW Micro Amorphous Silicon, and 1 MW Copper Indium Galliam Di-Selenide. The first type is water-weighted solar tracking system, while the other three are fixed system. EGAT will collect the data and compare how efficient each type of solar cells is under the climate of coastal area with changeable weather condition and the whole year of rain. With the success, it will become the prototype for the solar power plants in the southern part and coastal sites.

EGAT Learning Center
         The Thap Sakae Learning Center was built with the power-saving building design covering an area of 1,700 square meters. The architecture design was inspired from local building in the coastal area and fisherman boat. The center provides knowledge on power, especially renewable power including solar, wind, hydro, and biomass. A highlight of the center is 4D theatre and exhibition inspired from amusement park with cartoon characters representing natural power to attract interested people. Another highlight is a tower where the visitors can view over the solar cell panels. Last but not least, the learning center exhibits the history of Thap Sakae, the long lasting community.