Chao Phraya Dam


         Chao Phraya Dam is built across Chao Phraya River located in Bang Luang Sub-district, Sapphaya District in Chai Nat Province.


Dam and Power Plant Features


Rainwater catchment area 119,000 square kilometers
Average streamflow (1982-2000) 23,480 million cubic meters/year
Highest overflow 6,440 cubic meters/second



Normal pool level 16.5 meters MSL
Maximum pool level 18.0 meters MSL
Reservoir's storage capacity 144.7 million cubic meters


Service Spillway

Type reinforced concrete with radial gate
Number of floodgates 16 gates
Floodgate dimensions (width x height) 12.50 x 7.50 meters
Drainage level 40.00 meters MSL
Drainage ability 3,200 cubic meters/second



Type Earth dam with clay core
Crest elevation 19 meters MSL
Height 16 meters
Length 263 meters


Power Plant Building

Type reinforced concrete
Length 40.5 meters
Width 24 meters
Height from ground 37.4 meters



Capacity per unit 6 MW
Number of unit(s) 2 units
Transmission system 22 kV
Average generated power per year 61.75 million kWh


May 2018