Kwae Noi Bumrung Dan Dam


         On the Kwae Noi river bank in Wat Bot District, Phitsanulok Province


Dam Features

Type Concrete faced rockfill dam
Height 75 meters
Length 681 meters


Rainwater catchment area 4,254 square kilometers
Average streamflow 1,449 million cubic meters/year


Normal pool level 130.00 meters MSL
Minimum pool level 90.00 meters MSL
Storage capacity 769 million cubic meters

Power Plant Building

Type steel-reinforced concrete
Length 30.5 meters
Width 33.4 meters
Height 14.2 meters


Total capacity 30 MW
Number of units 2 units (2x15 MW)
Transmission system 22 kV
Average generated power per year 146.6 million kWh


May 2018