Naresuan Dam


         On the bank of Nan River in Phrom Phiram District, Phitsanulok Province


Dam Feature

Height 16 meters
Crest elevation +52.50 meters MSL
Length 156 meters


Rainwater catchment area 19,549 square kilometers
Average streamflow 5,626 million cubic meters/year


Normal pool level 47.80 meters MSL
Minimum pool level 45.00 meters MSL
Storage capacity 20.00 million cubic meters
Usable storage 8.20 million cubic meters

Service Spillway

Type steel-reinforced concrete with radial gate
Number of floodgates 5 gates
Floodgate dimensions 12.50 x 7.60
Drainage level 40.00 meters MSL
Drainage ability 1,600.00 cubic meters/second

Power Plant Building

Type steel-reinforced concrete
Length 38 meters
Width 19 meters
Height 31 meters


Total capacity 8 MW
Number of units 1 unit
Transmission system 22 kV
Average generated power per year 43.03 million kWh


May 2018