Pak Mun Dam


Location Khong Chiam District, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Dam Features

Type Diversion dam of compacted concrete
Height 17 meters
Crest length 300 meters
Crest width 7.5 meters

Generating Capacity
         The power plant houses four 34 MW generators, totaling 136 MW of generating capacity.

         The Mun River Basin Development Project was developed in 1967 by National Power Office with the cooperation of French Government for feasibility study. The study and survey was completed in 1970 with the conclusion that the dam should be built to store water at Kaeng Tana which is 4 km away from Mun River Estuary. However, as the project would have an impact on many people living in the area, it was suspended until 1984 when there was a decision to move the dam site up north over the river, 2 km away from Kaeng Tana. The project was approved by the Government on May 15, 1990, and the construction was completed at the end of 1994. After that, the project was transferred to under the responsibility of EGAT in 1979 when EGAT started a review and study on engineering, ecology, and environment until 1988 to avoid any possible problems and impacts.