EGAT, MEA, and PEA prepared measures to handle summer storms in upper Thailand. The special team was set to monitor situation for 24 hours a day for electricity system security.

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          On April 8, 2020, Mr. Roengchai Khongthong, Deputy Governor - Transmission System of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) as the 3 electricity authorities’ Chairman of Power System Reliability Enhancement Committee revealed measures on power system security during summer storms. According to Thai Meteorological Department’s warning of thunderstorms, lightning strikes, gusty winds, and hail in upper Thailand, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) launched measures to handle incidents like transmission tower and distribution pole collapses. Temporary transmission towers and necessary equipment are prepared as well as the 24-hour special monitoring team. In case of emergencies, the team will be able to restore the high voltage transmission lines and supply the power back to the system without impacts on power-users.

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          The EGAT Deputy Governor further said that the 3 electricity authorities’ high voltage transmission towers and poles along the street were properly designed with international standard and could withstand violence of thunderstorm. The towers and poles are always checked for their strength to ensure that this kind of incident will not affect the electricity supply to the public. At the same time, it is requested that people should not be near high voltage transmission towers, electricity poles, buildings, or billboards to avoid dangers on lives and properties. In case of emergencies about transmission towers, please contact EGAT call center 1416, and about electricity poles in metropolitan areas (Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Samut Prakan) and provincial areas (other 74 provinces), please contact MEA Call Center 1130 and PEA Call Center 1129, respectively for 24 hours.

          “With the current situation of COVID-19 spread, the 3 electricity authorities have supporting measures including selecting officers with multi skills, such as power and mechanics, and with expertise in equipment usage to generate, transmit, and distribute power for continual power supply to the public without impact on power system security,” concluded the EGAT Deputy Governor.