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Bangkok in collaboration with FEED as well as public and private organizations held the activity “turning of light 1 hour, mitigating global warming, 60+ Earth Hour” for the 8th consecutive year. During the implementation of the campaign, it could save 1,940 MW of power and reduce 1,127 tons of CO2 emission.


On March 28, 2015 Mr. Tatree Riewcharoen, Assistant Governor – Corporate Social Affairs, and Mr. Sathit Sukanant, Director of Demand Side Implementation Division were the representatives from EGAT to join the event “60+ Earth Hour 2015” held by the collaboration of Bangkok, Foundation for Environmental Education for Sustainable Development, World Wildlife Fund, EGAT, PEA, and other public and private organizations. Mom Rajawongse Sukhumphan Boriphat, Bangkok Governor, chaired the opening ceremony under the campaign “Change climate change”. The campaign supported new ideas to mitigate global warming and urged the public to turn off the light during 20.30-21.30 hours, the local time, together with other countries.

The 60+ Earth Hour 2015 could save 1,940 MW of energy and reduce the cost of power generation by 7,499,068 baht and CO2 emission by 1,127 tons.